While we are actually much more than just a design studio, we firmly believe that design comes first in everything we do. Our design process starts by being good listeners. To understand your vision in a deep and meaningful way is the crucial first step towards a successful project and a long-lasting relationship. 

From consultation, design, installation, all the way to set up and maintenance, we provide “start to finish” services globally. Our HQ is based in Los Angeles, California, and our Asia regional office is based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Aquariums are in our DNA. Some of nature's most beautiful and mind-blowing wonders are beneath the surface of our rivers, lakes and oceans. However, the underwater world is only one of the many aspects of NDS’s creative design repertoire. Our other creations include, but definitely are not limited to, paludarium (nature setups of which water connects with land), terrarium (land), vivarium (land with amphibians or small reptiles) and outdoor ponds and other water features. In short, any space that you’d want to invite nature into.


Mark Chen

is deeply passionate about design, photography, but most of all, nature. Having founded his graphic design and photography studios, he is able to infuse his design assets and a deep understanding of atheistic into creating different natural worlds and environments.

Mark prides himself as a “forever-student”, who is driven by his curiosity for many things, but especially by his fascination for the natural world. This fascination originated from his passion for the underwater world, which extended to all the other aspects of nature.

With 15+ years of experience in creating, building aquariums and other types of setups, he came to the realization that the ultimate beauty resides in nature.

Judy Prajitno

is a world renowned master in the art of aqua-scaping (an art form of creating beautiful world of underwater landscapes and gardens using live aquatic plants, stones, driftwoods and substrates). He is one of the few masters in the world to receive top awards for multiple consecutive years, which were bestowed by the prestigious IAPLC (International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest) that’s held in Japan annually. Based in Indonesia, Judy has been changing people’s perception of nature aquariums with his larger than life projects! 

Bringing 20+ years of experience and mastery in the business, Judy has an impressive portfolio, which few in the industry can match. His works extend from exquisite private residential setups to breath-taking commercial installations to awe-inspiring government commissioned public aquariums!