Ongoing Projects


Safari park

We are so excited to be chosen as the designer and builder of this amazing project for the Royal Safari Garden. This cylindrical aquarium will be the home to some of the rarest river monsters on the planet! Along with this display, we are also working on a paludarium for the same property, which is situated right in front of the reception at the hotel lobby.

This project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2019. We will update as we progress.

Public aquarium

Another exciting project we are building is a public aquarium that features incredibly large freshwater lagoon and river exhibits, also a 8 meters tall cylindrical aquarium that will demonstrate some nature’s amazing underworld habitats.

This project is set to be complete by the beginning of next year.

living wall

The living wall project is slated to start in mid July this year at the heart of Downtown Long Beach, California. This project has gone through a few phases of progression, however, the rendering of the original concept was designed to bring living energy and great Fengshui into the entire building of our client’s business.

The “Living Cliff” is situated right at the entrance of the building. It not only greets guests with vivid greens of the live plants, but also invites them on a wondrous journey to explore the many possibilities our client’s service could offer.