Regal forest


When this client asked us to design a centerpiece aquarium for him, we knew it would be something special.

While the beautiful home was still under the final stage of construction, we can already see the grandeur of this place, and we had a clear vision of how to design and execute this submerged forest for this great space. 

The difficulty with this setup was that due to the completion timeline, the custom cabinetry had to be installed before we could finish setting up the aquarium. Therefore, the little access space we had was an obstacle we had to overcome.

However, the setup was completed perfectly in the end and we had another happy client who can enjoy their serene view of nature from their beautiful home!


Setup Specifications:

Dimension: 13’(L) * 3’(W) * 4’(H) or 3900mm(L) * 900mm(W) * 1200mm(H)

Volume: 1100 Gallons or 4100 Liters

Live plants with schooling tetras