Sunken garden


This incredible outdoor aquarium is, without a doubt, the focus of our client’s beautiful private garden. The sheer size of it can only be truly appreciated when admiring in person.

The super impressive panoramic view contains a whopping 3,500 Gallons or over 13,000 Liters of water! We are proud to be one of the very few designers in the world to have built such private setups!

Our client was thrilled to have a sunken rainforest with brilliant colors of discus (a highly sought-after tropical freshwater fish with amazing colors from the Amazon River) in their garden.

The sound of leaves rustling combined with the graceful movements of the colorful discus really provide the serenity that’s extremely difficult to find.


Setup Specifications:

Dimension: 13’(L) * 6’(W) * 6’(H) or 4000mm(L) * 1800mm(W) * 1800mm(H)

Volume: 3,500 Gallons or 13,000 Liters

Live plants with assorted high-grade Discus